About Us

It's all pretty simple really. Our founder, JB, spent many years in jobs that required a lot of driving.

He grew increasingly frustrated by repeated situations where the only communication option available between drivers was the car horn or the middle finger.

You can't clearly say "Please" or "Thank you" or "Sorry" with a car horn, at least not in any way that might not be misinterpreted. And so, he set to thinking about a solution.

A series of signs, both pre-printed & customizable blank versions seemed to offer a simple, direct and peaceful way to communicate with other drivers, cyclists & pedestrians.

At the very least, just the sense that you'd delivered your message seemed to go a long way to reducing road rage and other driving-induced stress.

Finding repeated need for other signs in other areas of life, JB soon combined all the existing signs with dozens of new ones into one handy wire-bound book:
64 signs for a wide variety of people & uses and every book comes with a permanent black marker (for customization), 2 suction cup hooks and a 30 inch ball chain for hanging.

Now people use them for all kinds of things, and we're always thrilled to learn how - please drop us a quick note or tweet us a photo to share your ideas!

And let us know which signs you think we should add that would make the BOOK of SIGNS even more useful.